Welcome to Minesoft


Minesoft is an innovative software development house that specialises in producing intergrated software solutions.  We offer a range of highly sophisticated software for mineral resources in the mining industry, complimented with expert consulting services in software development and mineral resources.  Minesoft develops integrated and adaptable enterprise software, backed up by expert support and training.  Our software is developed using only the latest in development technology and design patterns, ensuring that our clients get the most out of modern technology and remain on the leading edge.


Minesoft Technology Partner Program

Minesoft's Technology Partner Program was founded to assist start-up companies and established businesses with limited venture capital in the development of commerical software products for their businesses.  Over the years Minesoft has seen many individuals and companies miss out on their great ideas due to a lack of capital to fund their projects.  Through our partnership program we aim to empower businesses and create job opportunities within our own organisation and our partners.  For more information on our technology partner program and how to qualify, contact us today.


Software Products


Minesoft's product range is focused on mineral resource management, offering clients a one-stop solution for the entire MRM value chain.  From greenfields to production, from sampling to mineral resource estimation and reconciliation, we have a product that caters for your every need.  Our software is fully integrated and designed for enterprise environments, with sophisticated data management, workflows and business intelligence built in.  We believe that software should adapt to your business rather than having to adapt your business to the software, so we have designed all our products to adapt quickly and readily to our clients ever changing needs.


Software Development Consulting

Minesoft specialises in custom software development for any business, no matter how big or how small the project, we make the dream of developing your own software a reality.  For start-up companies or companies with limited capital to fund commercial software projects, we offer a technology partner program, and for well established companies we offer our development consulting services.  We also assist clients with the procurement and management of information technology and information systems.  From designing and developing software to training and support, Minesoft is well positioned to assist you.


Mineral Resource Consulting

Through our associate and partner network we provide advanced consulting services in mineral resources.  Our partner companies and our own consultants have vast experience in the field, across all commodities and mining methods, and have consulted to leading mining companies around the globe, from producing resource models to signing off, auditing and writing competent persons reports.  Our team is proficient in all the software products in the industry, and experts in all aspects of mineral resources.  No matter what your requirements are, we can assist you in all areas of mineral resources.


Intern Program

Our technology partner program employs graduates and junior developers who are overseen, trained and mentored by our senior technical staff, developing their skills and providing them with the opportunity to establish and grow their careers rapidly.  To qualify for the intern program, candidates must have top marks and pass a theoretical and technical assessment, competing against each other for the position.  If you are a top student with the drive and ambition to climb the corporate ladder, and you're willing to give it your all, apply for an inter position with Minesoft today.